Pie Requires Patience: We’re Still Here!

11 Mar


In a flurry of excitement, my friend Christie and I joined forces last summer and pledged to  breathe some new life into Pie Eyed. The hobby blog I had been working on for five years suddenly sprang to life as Christie helped me gain the confidence to push Pie Eyed out further into the world.  We started an Instagram page to gather our pie-loving friends (you can follow us at @pieeyedlove), a Facebook page and with the help of Christie’s tech-savy partner in crime, started to build a new website.

I’ll admit, I had moments where I was nervous to share my hobby.  I was protective over my simple blog and the intent behind it. Christie and I talked about this and I took comfort knowing that Christie respected this and understood what the blog meant to me.

Truth be told, protecting the “brand” of my blog was not really what was bothering me. By sharing my blog and giving it somewhat of a rebirth in look, feel and partnership, I was writing a new narrative about what this blog was and why it existed. I had to let go of the story from my first five years – the hobby that helped me cope with my miscarriages.  Pie Eyed was the last physical reminder of the years I spent wrestling with all the residual feelings of miscarriage. Those five years of making pie saw me through my last miscarriage, our exploration of adoption, my momentary quest to reverse my husband’s vasectomy, and my realization that our family was complete and that it was time to stop chasing a child that was not meant to join us.

Sharing this blog has encouraged me to release my grip on the past. Pie Eyed was born because, well, the third child I wanted was not.  But Pie Eyed grew up to be so much more.  Pie Eyed is a place for everyone to share a love of pie making, pie eating, and discover how easy it is to show kindness through making  and sharing food.

Pie Eyed has been quiet for some time.  We are building our new website while we manage families, new jobs, and everything else that life throws our way.  Pie requires patience, and apparently, so does building a pie website!  Stay with us – it will be worth it. Don’t forget, you can follow along in the meantime through our Instagram page at @pieeyedlove. We’ll be celebrating Pi Day with a super fun project that’s in the works!


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