2011 was the year of learning to make pie.  Lots of reading, lots of baking and lots (and lots) of eating.

My textbooks

Pie Eyed was born that year with the intention of simply recording recipes until I accomplished what I had set out to do – make the best pie ever. It wasn’t long until I was baking more pie than I could (or should) eat, so I began giving it away to people as a way to thank them. Before I knew it I was accepting invitations into people’s lives to hear their stories in exchange for the pie I gave them. I called my movement Pie it Forward and found that sharing pie was an incredible way to get to know people.

But I was not alone in my special adoration for this pastry.  My public professions of love for pie led me to my friend, Christie who felt the same way.  Over the years we have bonded over our excitement for making pie and for living a simple, genreous life. We’ve decided to work together to take Pie Eyed to the next level because pie lesson #1 is that pie is meant to be shared. Stay tuned for some exciting changes in the months ahead!Em Christie natural

Pie Eyed is a place where you will not only find amazing pie recipes, but also some food for thought as we share reflections on kindness, generosity and life in general.

This blog is built around the theme of pie, but it’s also about what the simple gesture of making something for someone can do. Giving food that you made is a simple yet powerful way to connect with others. Food cultivates genuine sharing and human exchanges in the most unexpected ways. We challenge you to try it and see what happens. We guarantee that you’ll feed yourself in more ways than one.



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