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Salted Honey Pie

28 Jan

Pie 029

I’m being forced to get a manicure.  Nail care is not my forte – it never has been.  Other than trimming my nails on a regular basis, I rarely, if ever, think about them.  My friend has embarked on a personal mission to drag me to a nail salon by espousing promises of wine and cuticle conditioning that will change my life.  What she doesn’t realize is that she’s up against a lifetime of non-interest in nail care.  The only manicure I have ever had was when a friend of mine took me to get one the day of my wedding.  Honest to goodness, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until she scheduled an appointment for me.  I even have vivid memories of my mother yelling at me to do my nails and threatening to not let me walk out the door until my nails were filed.

My lack of interest in doing my nails is one of a handful of intrinsic habits that have followed me my entire life.  Do you ever look at your adult self and chuckle at the habits or traits that plagued you decades ago and are still front and center?  I rarely wear socks unless I absolutely have to, I tend to leave the house without a coat (or hat, gloves or scarf), and I still have a hard time keeping my room clean.

It makes me appreciate the fact that there will be things that I’ll want to change about my children that will be virtually impossible.  If only my mother had known that 20 years later I would still not be doing my nails.  She could have saved herself a lot of angst and energy.

My high school year book was recently unearthed in a raid on my bedroom by 4 and 6 year old boys.  I hadn’t seen it in some time, so I took a moment to flip through.  Initially, I was looking forward to the pictures but was sidetracked by the part I completely forgot about – the signatures.  As I read each signature, I began to wonder if, much like my aversion to nail care, any of those teenage perceptions still held true today:

“You’re a really nice, smart, pretty person.”  Well, at least he ranked them in the order that I deem important – kindness and brains before looks.

“You always make class fun when the teachers make class suck.”  I like to think that I can still infuse fun into the most mundane situations.

“You always look good…”  I’ll bet he didn’t know that I never did my nails.

“I hope you remain the same friendly, smart, sarcastic person you have always been.”  Sarcastic, huh?  I don’t think I’m sarcastic – maybe he didn’t know what the word meant.  I mean, let’s face it, 16 year old boys don’t have the best vocabulary.

And so I put away 1994 and smile, knowing that there are some things about myself that will just always be part of who I am.  My nails might not be done, but darn it I’m smart, pretty and sweet and I make class fun when the teachers make it suck.

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